Bhoja Express

The Transporter

About Us

Bhoja Express is an express delivery company specializing in services between Gauteng and Limpopo. Looking at our customer base, who themselves are leaders in the respective fields, it is clear that service is the key word in business today.

ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! This is our company's promise.


With excellent staff and vehicles you can be rest assured that your deliveries are our main priority. At Bhoja Express we are committed to offering you the fastest, safest and most reliable courier services.

Bhoja Express operates an updated fleet of vehicles to accommodate the various loads. These range from 1 ton pick ups to large trucks that can accommodate a maximum load of 32 tons.

Employees are key to running a successful operation based on this principle , we focus on keeping our company morale's high. our main operation hub is situated in Boksburg. We have implemented several processes and ensure the operation runs smooth from the moment the collection is booked to when the parcel is delivered. These processes are carefully monitored by management and are adjusted when the need arises.

Please CONTACT US if you require any additional information. We hope that we could be of service to you and pave a way for a business future together.